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Ridiculous Ramblings of a Mami

In the past two weeks I have had SEVERAL people make comments about my kids. Comments about my kids that are totally irrelevant and have absolutely NOTHING to do with who they are as people. 

Last week, while having lunch with an old friend that I haven’t seen in years said friend made a comment about my 11 y/o sons earring. She said “OMG! My husband would have a fit and never allow THAT. He would go ballistic.” I kept my cool and very calmly said to her “Why? What does his earring change about him as a human being and a decent person?” She had no response.

This week at least 5 or 6 people have made nasty comments to me about the fact that I bleached my 16 y/o daughters tips (and plan to dye them turquoise when she gives me the sign) and also bleached and dyed my 20 y/o sons hair bright, fire engine red (like he asked me to do). I think DD’s tips look awesome and I look forward to seeing them dyed when she’s ready. I like sons hair the color he chose for it…. it’s HIS hair. Also if this is how my children choose to express themselves then FUCK YES I’m all in with them. I’m with them.

Here’s the thing that really pisses me off…. their hair or their jewelry or the state of their earlobes (or their sexual orientation…. since I have a gay daughter as well) has absolutely NOTHING to do with the people they are. The big questions, the ones that really matter, are what counts. Are they good people? YES!! Are they loving and kind? YES! Are they intelligent, well spoken, and show respect? Yup. Do they have good hearts?  Yes. Are they amazing? Oh yes… and then some. Are they perfect? Nope. YAY!!! So why the fuck does what their hair looks like matter? What the fuck difference does it make that my boy decided that he wanted his ear pierced for his 10th birthday (which I had zero problem with). My boy’s earring is not who he is. My kid’s hair color is not who they are. These things are ridiculous, shallow, appearance obsessed and society imposed fallacious standards to judge people by. My kids, being intelligent and with the capacity to think for themselves, don’t fall for that crap. They are who they are. The only way my kids will ever disappoint me in any way is by not being their genuine selves. So far…. so good on that front. Yeah. I’m proud of them.

themadmaryholiday asked:

imagine bucky watching kids' movies and identifying really strongly with the iron giant and stitch, because they were made to be weapons and managed to be heroes instead.


it’s monthly avengers movie night and tony is insistent about watching the iron giant

(“don’t you dare badmouth this movie barton it’s a fucking classic”)

steve and bucky just shrug and go with the flow b/c they’ve learned that there’s not much else they can do when tony gets his mind set on something

everything’s going well (lots of popcorn throwing and general rowdiness) until the end. the silence filling the room is crushing, and no one knows what to do or say until they hear a few sniffles from where bucky’s situated between steve and sam on the couch. there’s a flurry of movement and suddenly every avenger and guest of an avenger is touching bucky somehow, just little touches of reassurance and trust and love

no one acknowledges the other sniffles that arise when the iron giant saves hogarth and the town, but after that night tony can often be found working on upgrades for bucky’s arm and telling him “easy there iron giant” when he gets really stressed 

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